Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cranky, Jessie, Sherm, George, Richard, Paul, Paul, Ace, and Len. The FOOLS stopped off at 7:45 AM to sing Happy Birthday to my friend George. He turned 92. This is at the health club, and since I was going to miss his party, we honored him a little early! Thanks guys, you made his day! This is the last day of the FOOL ride, we ended up making a 226 mile loop. Didn't take many pictures, but saw a lot of scenery....
We went in and told the owner that we were here for the rally. He started to look confused, so we said "OH, we're a year early" He was very friendly then, came out and looked at the bikes and visited awhile.
The Basin Cafe in Charleston Boat Harbor. We went in here for breakfast. The company was good, but the food wasn't great. I think we'll scratch this for places to eat during WWR2008.
We parked on the dock and walked around Bandon. It's been a beautiful morning! We visited Cranberry Sweets and had a few samples
One of the MANY nice tourist traps in Bandon.
Slots has a nice plate on his Nomad!
The A&W in Mrytle Creek. The temp was rising, it was time for a drink. We didn't stop a lot from here on to the end of the ride.
The River is just below us here. I picked a few blackberries, couldn't get any other takers. It was pretty warm, and a lot of the berries had been chopped down or sprayed this year here. I made up for it today on the way back from Washington..Stopped and grazed for awhile in a good area along Highway 42.
A tributary of the Umpqua River. It was named by the famous Oregonion, I.P. Freely.
We passed a few Elk around Dean Creek on the way back to Reedsport in the afternoon. Didn't stop for goos shots, they are not out in full force today.
Fairing on "Phoenix". Tomorrow I'll take some more pics of the whole bike, it turned out pretty good. I have some chrome to put on if I have time tomorrow. I'm way behind in things I have to do around the house before we can leave for Arizona on Thursday...I just had to post this one pic. I brought the bike home from Washington today....

Sunday, August 12, 2007

As the evening at the Hilltop house gets underway, Cranky heads to the kitchen to take pictures. I'm sure we'll see some on his own blog later on. That's a fine looking Margarita on that tray!
Cranky and Linda were sitting across from each other talking with their hands..I think this was something about a flock of turkeys THIS big! (you would have had to be there )
Linda giving us more instructions on how to talk with your hands. She's very expressive!
Paul (Slots) wouldn't take his hat off. He had been hit in the head with a board last Wednesday, and was wearing a bandage . (at least that was HIS story)
Karen and Paul ( Happy Wanderer)
Pat, Karen, Paul. It was nice to have a "TYG" with us today! (Token Young Guy)
Cranky caught Sherm in the act of snapping food, as usual.
Sherm's Rib Eye, swimming in butter...............
Linda says, "Moi??, surely this Salmon isn't mine!
Donna's Halibut
Pat's Prime Rib. She said it was very tender and cooked just right. Those are fried Raviola instead of the Garlic mashed potatoes that were an option.
One more time....Karen, Paul, Paul, Cranky, Donna, Linda, Mario, Sherm, Pat, Richard
I think everyone enjoyed their meals.
Cranky and Donna showing us their Hollister shirts
Group shot. Cranky, Donna, Paul, Paul, Richard, Sherm, Patsy, Karen, Linda and Mario.
Linda, Mario, Pat and Karen. Visiting on the lawn.
Dinner is over, the pictures are taken, it's time to rest up for the ride tomorrow.
For some of us, the end of a good day. Some will be going to the Casino for some more partying!
The rest are in the order of the day...But I forgot this one. Guy Mobbley of SCP has the heads off the Bonneville bike of the year, a VN2000. They have already set a National record with this bike, in it's class, and this September they will attempt a World record in a higher class, runnine against push rod Harleys, etc. He's polishing out all the air and fuel passage ways, and has done all he can to make it fast, yet within the legal parameters. If they are successful at an attempt, after 2 passes, the engine has to come down to inspected by FIM and AMA mechanics to make sure it was legal to run. They presently hold 5 speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats, we hope this will be another good year. Now, on with the day!
Paul (Happy Wanderer), Cranky, and Donna.
Linda, Mario, and Karen.
Paul, The Happy Wanderer, was estatic over his "Big Momma" plate.
Cranky has some sort of meat lovers plate....He looks a little skeptical.............
Mario, Karen, Paul, Bill, Donna, Pat, Richard, and Linda. Breakfast at the Kozy Kitchen, home of the 5 egg omlettes and Logger style breakfasts.
Umpqua River Lighthouse, with Cranky and Donna, Sherm and Pat, Happy Wanderer, Mario and Linda, and Richard. Karen took the picture.
Oyster beds in the "triangle" at the mouth of the Umpqua River in Winchester Bay.
Sunday morning, we got Guy and Victoria out so they could show us some goodies, and Mario could talk to Guy about his bike.
Guy is telling us about the Bonneville project. Since Mario has a VN2000, he's very interested.
Guy's old Indian. He's had a collection of these over the years.
Julie and Pat drove the van with Donna and Karen.
Paul (Happy Wanderer), his first trip to Oregon! We're glad he decided to ride with us "Old Fogies"
Cranky's bike is all set up to haul flags for the Patriot Guard.
Cormarants sitting on the rocks about half way down to the water from the highway. Guano city!
Some Sea Lions near the Sea Lion Caves on Hwy 101. There were a lot of them out looking for their lunch.
Heceta Head Light house. At 12x Zoom.
The "gang" of the day. What a group! Mario and Sherm are busy taking pictures, we didn't make this shot.
Hwy 101 goes along the cliffs, not much between the shoulder and the ocean.
There was one Harley in front of this bar when we pulled in...Well, there went the neighborhood. When we left, the cars were gone, and the H-D's out numbered us
The main street in Florence.